How It Works

1. Take the Quiz

Pick a subscription plan and take the #throwback Quiz! Your results will determine what goes in your box! 

2. We Curate

Our team of nostalgic experts will curate products and create a box just for you! $50+ value in every box!

3. We Ship It

Not only do we ship it but we carefully pack it in an awesomely designed box you will love.


The Throwback box is a Subscription service that will bring some of your most memorable childhood memories right to your door! Each box is filled with nostalgic goodies that you will treasure like vinyl toys, plush, apparel, household collectables and much more! 


Our Products

The 90s Kid Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $29.99 Monthly

Do you have a vintage collection that you can't stop adding to? Miss your favorite snacks from the 90s like Dunkaroos? Then The 90s Kid Box is perfect for you! Get a treasure chest full of nostalgic delivered right to your door!  No two boxes are the same, take the 90s Quiz  to determine what's i...

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